Happy New Year!!! January was full of adventures with my hoomans after spending a lot of time at home. I went to a big store with lots of desks and tables. I spent a lot of time hanging out under them while my hoomans stared at things- I think we were walking in circles, but there were lots of good smells. I took a ride in a big long car with lots of other people – I think they called it a bus. I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but after a while, I took a nap. I went to a big building with lots of people sitting in chairs and getting things stuck in their arms. I was mostly interested in the stickers that were on the floor. They are hard to get off with your teeth. And I went back to my hoomans office where I was really hoping I would see my furiend Otis, but my hooman tells me he doesn’t work there anymore. That makes me sad- we used to have fun play breaks. Finally, I wanted to share this picture of me with my cute feed-me face. Mealtime is my favorite time of day. Sometimes I think my hoomans are going to forget to feed me, so I sit and give them this face

Submitted by: Penny Naldrett.