We started the month off well- settling in to my new family. I’ve started to make peace with Ari the cat, although I still think he might want to play (he says no). Bowen Island has many trails to explore. My hoooman makes me walk in the village to practice our loose leash walking (she says I’m getting better as long as she can keep up with me) but we also get to hike and go to the dog park. She says I’m a teenager- I think that is because I like to get into a little trouble now and then. I went camping on Cortes Island. I like sleeping in a tent. I met some farm animals at Qualicum Cheeseworks. I’m a little confused by these cow creatures. I also spent time with two amazing hoomans in the city- they took me to all sorts of fun places like Harrison Lake, East Vancouver, and Kitsilano. Everyone thinks I should like water- but I am pretty convinced it will hurt me. My favorite things are Kongs with peanut butter and belly rubs.

Submitted by: Penny Naldrett