With the school year just around the corner, PADS Swift is proud to announce that she has been placed with Angela, the principal of Richmond Christian’s Middle Campus, as an Accredited Facility Dog.

When asked about her impact, Angela writes:

“We have loved having Swift with our family this summer. As the hype around Taylor Swift’s tour reverberates throughout North America and beyond, we’ve become die-hard “Swifties” in our own right! She doesn’t sing, but she makes us laugh, love, and get outdoors – that’s no small feat in a household with three teens! Swift’s impact on our family has been far greater than I imagined.

In the fall, Swift will work alongside the staff at Richmond Christian’s Middle Campus – home to over 260 Grade 6-8 students. She met staff in June, who are very excited to welcome her to the team. We’ve already determined the spot at the front of the school where she will welcome students each morning and know that her class visits, hallway interactions, and 1:1 appointments with students will bring joy and a positive focus as students navigate the angst that often comes with the middle years.

As we’ve learned more about PADS and met people in the PADS community this summer, we’ve become aware of the enormous dedication of its staff and volunteers. We are so thankful for the breeder-caretaker, raisers, trainers, and sitters who have invested in Swift. We will continue to love her well and maximize her impact in her new workplace. Thank you, PADS community, for all you’ve done to make this happen! “

We can’t wait to hear about the impact Swift will have on the staff and students during the upcoming school year and wish this team, and everyone else who’s returning to the classroom best of luck in the year ahead.”