Hi guys Sydney here!

January has been a great month! I’ve had some really good off-leash walks, and my recall is getting much better. My feet are sensitive to the cold, so I need to wear my super cool booties my human made for me…I don’t really like them, but a least I look good!

I like to run errands with my humans. I get to go to different stores and experience new situations. I’m really good at shopping with a big grocery cart.

I was recently introduced to a very nice kitty cat….and guess what….I don’t like cats….I was really scared of him! I thought if I hid behind my humans and didn’t look at him, he would disappear, but no such luck. My humans said it was like watching an elephant meeting a mouse!

The best part of my month was meeting baby PADS Augusta from the Golf litter, and we had lots of fun together! I hope I can have another play date soon!

I also went to the sitters for the weekend, thanks Lannie and Bart! I had so much fun!!

And as always, I love my cuddles and snuggles!

Submitted by: Monica & Melissa Milton