Sydney II is a reliable dog to take out and about. We continue to practice and proof his skills in busy, high-distraction environments, which often include other dogs in close proximity. Sydney also works in/out of cape and on/off leash to further Proof and refine his skills. When he attended a Chinese New Year Lion Dance, Sydney remained calm and maintained handler engagement despite the crowds and loud drumming. He even kept his cool during the dance when the Lion bowed directly in front of him so that there was almost nose-to-nose contact! Sydney’s day is not complete without a full-body cuddle at least once per day.  

  • Skills being learned:  Practicing all the cues/behaviors required of a working dog
  • Recent field trips: Chinese New Year Lion Dance, East Coast Kitchen Party, “volunteering” at Science World, farmer’s market, coffee shop, various stores, riding the Skytrain and buses  
  • Advanced training location: West Coast 

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Sydney II!

Submitted by: Una, Advanced Trainer Sitter