Hi guys it’s me Sydney!

I’ve had a very busy month…phew. My humans have taken me out in public a lot. I’ve gone to the doctor’s office and to a dentist appointment. I have been very good at both, but it’s kind of boring so I took a nap. They also took me to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, I stay very focused until strangers try to distract me, silly humans. I also had fun picking out a Christmas tree…boy they smell good! Maybe next month I can meet Santa!

I’ve been going to the off-leash park lots and boy oh boy I love dogs! My recall is getting better and better each time I go which makes my humans happy. I have also been working very hard on my heel/ side, chin, and recall, my humans say I’m doing very good!

And as always, I love my cuddles and snuggles!

Submitted by: Monica & Melissa Milton