March was a busy month for Tahsis. It started off with curling and then took off to Palm Springs, literally. Tahsis had her first flight experience and totally Rocked It! She sat and stayed/waited (dropped leash) while I was being scanned at the security gates and nicely settled under my feet on the plane. She got applause from the people sitting beside me when the plane had a very bumpy landing and braked, and she wasn’t phased at all. She is a natural flyer.

Once there, she had many walks and hikes. Loose leash, heal, wait, and let’s go are firmly in our vocabulary, but so is “drop!”. We had many shopping and restaurant opportunities. The gunfight skits in Pioneertown didn’t phase her, and she calmly stood beside me through the entire event.

I think April will focus on new PADS training and socialization.

Submitted by: Ria Lawson