Taiga had a busy, fun-filled month of learning and playing. She is growing fast, now 6 months old and 38 lbs. She is quick to pick up new cues and loves to practice. This month she is learning her sides and heels—once she knows what is expected, she figures it out! Taiga had several play dates while sitting other PADS and pet dogs. She learned to settle nicely among the temptation of wanting to frolic with her visiting friends.

Taiga continues to do well on public outings, demonstrating her good behaviour as she settles patiently in restaurants and walks nicely beside me when going through stores. The month ended with a road trip to the Shuswap where she experienced riding on a paddleboard for the first time (she loves it), and tested her natural swimming ability in the lake. The highlight for Taiga was spending a week at the lake with her pals Sofi and PADS Iris.

Submitted by: Sandi Chapman