April was a busy month of activities!!

It started off with me coming back from my puppy swap where I had an amazing time!! Then I helped welcome Golly and Bazinga to my North Shore community and Brava to my Campus Canines UBC community. I guess I am going to have a lot of mentoring to do in the next little while. Good thing I have lots of patience!

This was my last month going to UBC classes for the semester so I got to do a photoshoot for the school newspaper with my buddy Casper! I have been working on my sit duration just for the purpose of photo taking (haha). I got to end the semester with a very fun beach romp with Casper and my puppy class furrend Dahlia! We were lucky to be at the beach during a very, very, very low tide, so we took advantage and ran and ran and ran where we had never been able to before! The sand was so soft and cool on my toe beans!

I got to attend two PADS events this month. The first one was the BC Distilled Event. got to spend the day with amazing vendors and talk to the guests about how PADS dogs change lives. What was most exciting about this event was that I got to meet one of my PADS idols AFD Justice Facility Dog Puma! She told me about her job, and it made me even more excited to become a working dog one day. She showed me her Puma paw cross, but I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. The second event I got to go to was the Paddles for PADS Pickleball Event. My bestie Orion and I headed up to Squamish to support the players and we were welcomed by such a wonderful community. They gave us lots of love, and we got to learn about the game of pickleball! 

At the end of the month, I got to attend my hooman’s cousin’s glow bowling party! I was good at holding the balls so they didn’t run away but I didn’t quite understand how to get it to roll so far. I think this may be a game you need fingers for! One last adventure of the month was getting to explore the Harrison Tulip Festival with Casper. The flowers smelt very lovely but we were not allowed to eat them and had to be careful not to step on them or wag our tails too hard! I am hoping for more summery weather next month so the hooman can stop making me wear my boots and rain jacket!

Submitted by: Annika E.