Today is 3 weeks since I met my puppy-raiser, Annika! The first few days consisted of cuddles as I adjusted to a new house with new people. I got lots of love and by the end of the week, I was back to my spunky self ready to explore the world! Currently, my favourite activity is people-watching on the seawall. But I’m not sure why people stare at me as they go by, maybe there is something in my teef?

Other activities this month included riding the bus, visiting a restaurant, and having a bath. This week I began to walk a little faster and farther so I went on a trail walk with PADS Pecan and retired PADS Folie. They were very nice and gentle with me and I was a good boy staying close to Mom!

With the rain coming Mom made me try on a rain jacket as she says I’m not allowed to go to school wet. I am having such a great time learning all things puppy and can’t wait to see what I learn next month!

Submitted by: Annika E.