October has been a busy month! It started with a playdate with Mama PADS Louise and Uncle PADS AFD Norquay. I love hanging out with my doggy family.

To date, I have been with my raiser to 13 UBC classes. I have improved on my settling so much this month! I no longer complain about having to lay still; instead I have learned that it’s my time to get a nap in. Other skills I have been working on this month include LLW, not rushing through doorways, perch, and duration sit and down. I am enjoying working as I love to please my human…as well, as I love kibble.

October has included many events including collaboration sessions with the UBC Women’s Soccer and UBC Women’s Volleyball teams, a trip with PADS Tio to Build-A-Bear, and many, many, many fall and Halloween photoshoots. A very special event this month was a doggy family reunion. As everyone in my family is a working dog it’s rare for us to all get together. Mama Louise and I were so happy that Papa PADS Mobility Queso and sister PADS Petra could come down from Edmonton. We had a blast playing together and I wish Papa a fabulous journey with his client and can’t wait to see Petra again in the new year so we can show each other all the new skills we have learned.

With Halloween closing the month I got to have some new experiences. I was very cooperative with all the dressing up and the noise of the fireworks didn’t bother me at all! I even got extra treats as my human was to give me a treat even if the noise didn’t bother me. October has been a fabulous month and I can’t wait for more learning and to see snow in November.

Submitted by: Annika E.