September has been a busy month with school starting! So far I have been to 8 in-person classes and have attended 2 events as a UBC campus canine! Every week I am getting better at settling in class under my human’s desk. Lately, I have started snoring which my classmates think is funny.

I have been working hard on my LLW and I am doing very well. My door manners are also getting better, although the glass doors are a little confusing. I accidentally walked into the glass door instead of the one my human was holding open, oops. This month we have been experimenting to see if I have any fears and so far I don’t! I had no problem walking over and sitting on a grate with air blowing up at my rump, as well as we learned that I am not scared of heights! September brought some rain which meant it was time to try on my rain jacket and rain boots! I had no problem walking in either, my human was very impressed and I got lots of compliments on my walks.

Some milestones for the month included surpassing 30 pounds on the scale as well as starting to lose my teefs! At one point I was missing my two front teef at the same time!

Along with work, September was filled with playdates! I got to meet two of my UBC campus canine friends PADS Wrigley and PADS Tio! We have had many playdates and are doing really well settling together when we are at events and meetings together. My mama PADS Louise and I have also had lots of playdates together. She is my favourite to play with because she is very gentle with me. Next month I’m excited to learn, grow, and play.

Submitted by: Annika E.