This month Taylor II has been practicing all her alerts and commands in preparation for her pre-placement test next month. She is also working really hard on discriminating between all the sounds she knows. She loves her job, and it is really cool to see all the pieces fitting together in real-life scenarios. We’ve added a new alert this month – an alarm clock – and she loves jumping on the bed to alert to this one! Taylor is rocking her cooperative care and loves jumping on the grooming table to show off her beautiful “turn arounds.” On her days off, Taylor enjoys playing with her dog friends and running off-leash at the park.

  • Skills being learned: Alarm clock, key drop, timer, doorbell, door knock, phone ring, fire alarm, cooperative care, polite greetings
  • Recent field trips: Home Depot, West Edmonton Mall, University of Alberta, PetSmart, dog park
  • Possible behaviour challenges: Dog motivated, sensitive to certain surfaces  
  • Advanced training location: Calgary 

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Taylor II!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer