Taylor II is still patiently waiting for a match! She is practicing all her basic commands and alerts in new places and is working on alerting to novel handlers. To keep her mind sharp, we added a new alert that we have been playing around with this month – a phone locator ding from the Apple IOS watch. She is such a smart girl and has picked it up so fast. Now that Taylor has all the skills to be a hearing dog, she will move to a long-term sitter’s house in Calgary next month until we can find her a match. Thank you to everyone who has had a part in Taylor’s journey – this wouldn’t be possible without all our amazing volunteers and sponsors!

  • Skills being Learned: Phone locator ding, review of all skills
  • Recent Field Trips: University of Alberta, IKEA, PetSmart, Homesense, dog park
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: Dog motivated, sensitive to certain surfaces
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary
  • Career Path: Hearing Dog

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Taylor II!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer