This month we have spent a little bit of time at the arena as my hooman brother has been doing some spring hockey. I settle in really well at the arena as I’m very used to it now. He has also started baseball so we spend some time at the baseball diamonds too. I met a new little friend there, he’s about three and he came over to my raiser, when he saw me in my cape, and asked why I was wearing it. My raiser explained that I was learning to work and that he couldn’t pet me when I was in my cape. When his grandma came over to make sure he wasn’t bothering us, he told his grandma what I was doing and that she couldn’t pet me! It was pretty neat to be part of teaching a really young person how to treat working dogs when they see us out in public! I get pretty relaxed at the baseball games too, and can fall sleep using a foot as a pillow.

Submitted by: Melanie Bailey