Last month I had my first puppy-sitting weekend! My puppy-sitter was Kelsey; she was great. I got to hang out with her and her parents’ dog for the day.

Overall, I still get pretty excited when I get to meet new humans, and let’s not get started with other dogs! Dog? Where???? Lately, I’ve been going for coffee with my raisers. My first experience was short-lived as there was too much distraction for me, and I couldn’t sit still. However, my next couple of trips to cafes were much better; I’m really getting the hang of this ‘Go in’ command….okay the duration still needs work, but it is a work in progress.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed just relaxing with my raisers, playing with my toys, and seeing what was going on outside. I really love lying in a sunny spot during this new warm weather.

Submitted by: Doug & Maria