So, January was a chilly and dreary month, I don’t like the rain much. However, I have enjoyed going for walks more this month, and I’m doing better at keeping pace with my trainer for longer periods. I get excited near the end of the walk and need to blow off some anxious energy, so my trainer lets me run up the hill by myself!

I’ve been doing really well with my crate training. This month I’m now doing up to four hours in my crate on my own; I’m a crating Rockstar!!

I met some of my classmates for the first time at our in-person/dog classes, Larry, Muffin, and Quiche. We worked on some behaviour cues, like the ‘Down’ cue. The teacher said I was doing a great job (I’ve been practicing at home)! However, when my teacher asked me to help her with a demonstration, I became too excited around her, so she had to hand me back to my trainer. Oh well, I’ll have to keep working on that behaviour.

Also, I’m getting much bigger, and I’m pretty sure I’m the biggest one in my class! I have to replace my training vest as it’s getting a bit snug around my belly.

That’s it for now…so much sniffy to do!

Submitted by: Doug