Now that the weather is really nice, I’ve been out on our deck more often, and all the fresh flowers and veggies sprouting up are fun to sniff and chew on…..what? Right, I’m not supposed to chew on those.
I had another bath this month, and I got to try the blow dryer, which was a bit ticklish at first, but it works like magic. I was dry in no time (that’s in dog time, so a couple of hours or so).

I walked around Lafarge Lake, and of course, it was all about the dogs! So many dogs, so little time. I also visited a high school, and there were so many kids around. It made me a bit jumpy, but it was fun to sniff around the cafeteria!

Lastly, I had an ear infection, which meant that I had my first vet appointment. I think I did pretty good, I couldn’t stand still when the doctor tried to look into my ear with some weird object….no, thank you. The doctor rubbed some ointment in my ear, and now the infection is all gone! I get to see her again in a month.

Let’s get back to those yummy plants…..right? Just sniff…

Submitted by: Maria & Doug