December has been a month of new experiences. I live on Bowen Island, but we had some long days in the city. I’ve been to craft fairs, office days, science world, and shopping. I did really well for all my outings, but sometimes I get tired, and I might bark to let my hooman’s know. I’ve come a long way, though, and I am much better at settling when we are out.

I also got to ride on a bus this month. I turned 8 months in December, and you can check out my picture on the bridge each month to see how big I am. I’ve stopped growing, it seems.

Finally, I had the most fun Christmas with my hoomans. Lots of twinkly nights and Santa’s hats ( I think they make good stuffies), and even special presents for me and Ari the cat.

Happy New Year!!

Submitted by: Penny Naldrett