I kicked off August with a visit to one of our awesome puppy sitters. We went adventuring in the forest around his house and I got to show off my chill personality. Overall he said I was a good boy and was welcome back any time.

After I returned to my raiser we took the opportunity to check out Davidson Orchard’s. There is a big agricultural fair in our region at the end of August so the human thought this would be a nice trial run. I was very well-behaved around the farm animals (although I really wanted to play with the chickens) the hardest part for me was not saying hello to all the kids on the field trip that we passed on our way out…

To wrap up August we attended the Interior Provincial Exhibition and Stampede. I wasn’t phased by all the loud rides, the big crowd, or the food on the ground. The animal barns were a bit overwhelming at first and I needed to take a few decompression sniff breaks outside, but Mum allowed me to set the pace and choose how close I wanted to get to anything I thought needed a second look. Overall it was a great experience and I ended the day with a much-needed nap to let it all soak in.

I can’t wait to see what new adventures I have next!

Submitted by: Sarah Markson