Happy New Year Everypawdy!

I’m officially fully vaccinated and can now begin going on Adventure Walks on my long leash and harness. There are so many different things to see and smell that I end up sleeping really well when we come home!

I’m getting much more comfortable in the car this month, and I can even climb into the passenger side footwell all by myself now! Sometimes I get so excited about going somewhere new that I climb into the car as mum opens the door (she says I have to work on waiting to be asked to get in), but who wouldn’t want to get into the Labmobile?

Once the weather warmed back up a bit, mum took me on another trip to the dog park to just sit and watch. It was a bit harder than last time as I was more focused on the potential new friends than on the food, but overall it was still very successful. Maybe one day, I might be able to actually go in and play.

Finally, the strangest thing happened this month; one day, mum came home and things smelled a bit differently, and after a few days, this small furry creature started wandering around the house. Uncle Tiller says it is a cat, and we have an outside cat, and I love to lick her ears, but I’ve never seen an inside cat. I’ve been attempting to make contact but no success as yet. I will keep you posted.

Wishing you all the best for 2023!


Submitted by: Sarah Markson