July was another exciting month of learning! We kicked it off by celebrating Canada Day, and I got to rock my Canada flag bandanna and enjoy the sunshine with my family. There were no official fireworks in the Okanagan this year, but I still got to practice being calm with the occasional colourful pop in the area.

The next weekend we spent time at a big car show in the park, it was really busy, and there were lots of other dogs and people, but Uncle Tiller and I were both on our best behaviour.

In puppy class, we’ve been continuing to work on building distance and distraction into our cues. We had to practice maintaining positions while our raisers walked away or other puppies walked around us. I’m getting better at this exercise, but I still prefer being close to the cookie dispenser (I mean my raiser).

My new experience this month was taking the human to go donate blood. Mum was so happy with how well I behaved, especially since there wasn’t much she could do with a needle stuck in her arm. My favourite part was watching the little rocker with the bag go back and forth, it was very hypnotic and it made fun sounds when the donation was finished.

Well, that’s all for now!


Submitted by: Sarah Markson