As most of the snow had finally melted, the humans took Tiller and me out to pick some spring flowers to brighten up the yard. It was very exciting, and I had a bit of a hard time not sampling some of the foliage as we walked around, but apparently, I will get lots of opportunities to practice in the coming months. 

I’ve been working hard on settling in public, and so far, I’ve managed to have a nap at 2 choir rehearsals and a massage appointment. This is a huge win, as one of the most important skills for a puppy in training is to learn when to turn it off. Mum has also been working on thresholds by opening the car door and making me wait in different situations. I’m getting quite good at waiting for Mum to invite me out, not just assuming I can leave when my leash is clipped on. 

Finally, I went to the airport to pick up dad human from a trip. There were a lot of people and pet dogs (as our terminal is pet friendly), but I stayed focused on my handler. I did want to investigate the luggage carousel, but apparently, puppies aren’t allowed to ride on it…

That’s it for now!

Submitted by: Texas II