October was a great month! The cooler weather and sunshine make for optimal playtime weather for us pups. Uncle Tiller and I had several playdates with my predecessor PADS Caddy, and I also got to take in a new trail with one of my classmates.

Naturally, I’ve been working hard on my skills. I noticed lots of strange decorations out and about this month, some of them made funny noises or moved (mum says they are for Howl-o-ween) but I was a rockstar with them all. At the end of the month, there are these things called fireworks getting set off around town, I don’t think I even noticed them which is exactly what mum wanted to see!

In puppy class, we’ve been working on more difficult dog distraction exercises. I’m doing really well about not going for the other dogs during these drills but sometimes I get distracted by the fun smells on the floor. Us older pups are starting to polish up different skills in preparation for our GD-BARTs (a puppy exam that shows how we’re doing and what needs working on), which should hopefully happen in the next few months.

Happy Howl-o-ween everyone! I hope you got some yummy treats!

Texas II

Submitted by: Sarah Markson