This month I turned 1 year old! I got to celebrate with my uncle Tiller and a new squeaky bone which we thoroughly enjoyed galloping around the yard with. Unfortunately, the month also brought about the dreaded “snip snip” which resulted in me having to rock pyjamas for 2 weeks (thankfully I didn’t have to wear the cone). I also wasn’t allowed to run around for those 2 weeks so needless to say there was a bit of a zoomie party when I was finally allowed to play again.

Since I wasn’t allowed to do much the human made sure to take me on a few different outings to keep my brain engaged. There are lots of strange things showing up in the stores recently, the human likes to try and make them make sounds to distract me but I’m too smart to fall for her tricks. We also got to visit the farmers market and a restaurant this month, as well as attend the first choir rehearsal of the season (which I happily slept through). In puppy class we are continuing to proof duration on our position with more difficult distractions, I’m getting much better but mum says I need to work on my core strength a bit to improve my sit.

Well, that’s all for now,


Texas II

Submitted by: Sarah Markson