This month Thorin had lots of fun and met some new furry friends. One of those furry friends was Lazlo, a Great Dane, who is the same age as Thorin but 10 times the size. Thorin handled his own, and both dogs played very well together. It’s easy to outmaneuver Lazlo in the turns and changes in direction when running on the trail and Thorin had lots of fun with this game. Now that Spring is here, Thorin is in full sniff mode and loves the fresh smells on the beach and trails. He stays close, however, and has excellent recall. 

Thorin also has had a few ferry rides and visits to the city. He loves the attention he gets on the ferry but has to work very hard not to engage with the people who think he is so cute. While in the city, we shopped for house windows and doors, and Thorin was very patient and settled easily while we were talking to the salespeople at the various businesses. Of course, these trips involved eating in restaurants, and the little mister (aka Thorin) was very well-behaved. After he gets over the initial excitement of being in a new place, Thorin usually settles well under the table. 

All in all, it was a busy but fun month! 

Submitted by: Cindy Masaro