July was a busy month with lots of visitors, travel on the ferry, and lots of new sniffs for Mister Thorin. Thorin loves meeting new people and his fellow brethren, and gets very excited when he sees an opportunity for attention or play. He has been working very hard to contain some of his excitement and has been somewhat successful in not lunging and/or jumping. He has a great off switch in public and settles very well in new places. This month he has been in many different restaurants and other patrons commented that they didn’t even notice he was there.

He loves the beach and has become a very proficient little swimmer. This has come in handy as a good way to cool him off during the hot summer days. Thorin loves to explore. and loves his sniffs during trail walks. He has become very skilled at jumping over logs and manoeuvring through the forest.

Submitted by: Cindy Masaro