This month was a very sad month in our household due to the death of a close family member at the beginning of the month. Thorin was a bright light during this time, bringing a smile to people’s faces, staying close by our sides and providing comfort during this difficult time. We had several family gatherings at different households, and Thorin adjusted amazingly well. He also spent time with two different sitters and had a great time with fellow PADS dogs. 

This month’s weather has been a bit hotter, and he actually found himself swimming accidentally. He was enamoured with a female golden retriever and followed her into the water without realizing he was soon in over his head. After swimming back to the shoreline, he was ready to go again and now goes into the water without any hesitation. 

Thorin is growing like a weed and getting bigger and stronger each day. He still needs to practice his restraint in situations where people or other dogs want to say hello or give him some attention, but he is getting better each day. This is something we will be working on again next month.

Submitted by: Cindy Masaro