This month we finally got into more of a normal daily routine because we’ve been undergoing renovations, and either living somewhere else or living in a somewhat messy construction zone with workers coming and going. Throughout all the disruption, Mister Thorin has done amazingly well! He has learned that his “bed” is a very rewarding place to be especially when someone comes to the door. Although he hasn’t perfected this skill yet, and still follows his bigger sister to the door periodically, he usually engages and comes back when called.

Thorin loves his off leash walks in the forest trails and at the ocean/beach. He has become much more interested in his surroundings these days and with Spring in the air, he has been especially interested in all the new scents, both in the air and in the ground. He has taken several ferry rides and gets lots of attention when in the gift shop and walking around. He loves to say hello to everyone he meets, but this usually means jumping up and trying to give kisses. We/he is working very hard on trying to keep this under control and trying to stay calm. Thorin has been to a few restaurants this month and settles very well once he gets over his initial excitement.

Thorin also had his walk and talk with trainer Tracy this month. He didn’t seemed too fussed by his adventure in the mall and all the things he needed to show her. We think it went fairly well. Although Thorin is a fairly relaxed puppy, at times he puts his brakes on and won’t move because he is worried about something. Most of the time we can figure out what that might be (loud clanking sounds in a coffee shop) and try to work through it as best we can.

Thorin is looking forward to the weather getting warmer. He might try his paw at swimming as he has been interested when he sees his big sister and other dogs swimming in the water.

Submitted by: Cindy Masaro