This monthΒ ThorinΒ was welcomed to Advanced Training! Thorin is a very high-energy boy with lots of personality! Thorin gets along with everyone but settled on having PADS Quinn as his bunkmate as they get along so well in the play yard. Thorin needs to work on stillness and all fours on the floor. We are excited to see what skills he can learn with this energy. πŸ™‚ Thorin did well in the kennels and will work on-site at Campus with Jade! Thorin got to go on a field trip to Robert Burnaby Park to show off his stellar recall. So far, Thorin has been working on his durations, paw targeting and tugging, and he is such a smart boy and learns fast.

Thank you for all your support of Advanced Dog Thorin!

Advanced training location: West CoastΒ 

Submitted by:Β Jade, Instructors Assistant