This month has been very similar to other months for Mister Thorin. He loves his beach walks and his explorations in the wonderful trails here on the Sunshine Coast. The one difference is that he has not been swimming as the weather is much colder now. However, this does not deter him, as he will still wander into the water up to his belly if he sees something interesting.

He loves playing with/and following his very agile and bigger sister dog, Piper. He has gotten much bigger than her now, and we do have to remind him not to get too rough when he plays with her. Thorin loves other dogs and people and wants to say hello to everyone.

We are working on “focus,” which seems to work in the short term. He has improved and is more focussed when shopping. When off leash in the trails, he has excellent recall, so we can usually call him back if we see another dog coming, but this is something that he/we need to keep working on.

Submitted by: Cindy