Hi everyone! My last two months have been very exciting and sometimes puzzling. I moved from Vancouver to a new home in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a new family! I loved my Vancouver mom and dad very much, but my new family is fun too and they love me a lot. I know cos they cuddle with me a lot, and that’s one of my favourite things.

There is a lot to see and explore in the Okanagan, and my new mom often takes me hiking. I love hiking so much! There are so many interesting things to sniff everywhere, and there are creatures of all shapes and sizes that I want to say hello to! I have learned to control myself, though, especially with birds. Whenever I see any and feel like chasing them, I stop and run to Mom, and she gives me lots of treats… yeeey!

I also got to meet other pups, although my mom is very particular about how and when I can say hello. I don’t understand why, cos I really, really want to get to know every one of them…sigh. On the bright side, I do have an older brother I get to visit, and his name is Odie. He is a golden retriever and loves playing with me. Sometimes, he tries to teach me to be calmer, but I have so much puppy energy that it doesn’t work.

Well, just as I got used to my new home and friends, my new family decided to leave home and spend time driving for hours and hours, which turned into days! I saw so many new places and so many people! The only constant in my life was my kennel…oh, how I loved going to it at the end of those long days. I have to say that I found this new experience very perplexing and wondered if we were going to live like this forever. Thankfully, I later learned that we were making our way to meet up for a party with my dad’s family. Everybody was so happy to see me, and I had a great time with them! It turned out to be awesome at the end, and being back now, I feel like I can handle any trip to anywhere in a car! It’s good to be home though.

I hope you enjoyed my news…I look forward to sharing more of my adventures with you.

Submitted by: Sylvia