Hi friends!

At the start of December, I went to some university lectures with my raiser, and then I relaxed for a week while she had exams. I also got to go to the Campus Canines gala earlier in the month and saw all my puppy friends.

I went on my very first flight this month! It was quite the adventure as our first flight got cancelled and there were lots of delays. I was great throughout the first day when we had to spend over 7 hours at the airport/on a plane before it got cancelled. I was also fantastic during more delays at the airport the next day and finally on the 3-hour flight! I slept through most of it and got a little startled by the takeoff and landing, but I quickly recovered with lots of kibbles. I got lots of compliments and praise from the airport staff, our taxi drivers, and people on our flight.

My raiser and I are staying at her family’s house, where there are two other dogs. I’ve had so much fun playing with them and doing some training with or near them.

My first Christmas was so much fun! I got some new toys and treats. I also met lots of new people at family gatherings and worked on my “go say hi” cue.

Happy New Year! See you all next month for another pupdate!
~ Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel