In February, I went to a puppy engagement event at UBC and got to meet many students. I worked on being calm while they gave me lots of pets and attention.

On Valentine’s day, mom dressed me up in silly glasses and had me hold a flower in my mouth! Weird right? I don’t know what she was doing, but apparently, the pictures are adorable.

During reading week, I got to hang out at two sitters’ houses while my raiser was away. One of my sitters has another dog, so that was very exciting! In the last couple of days of the break, I went on a few trail walks and worked on my recall, loose-leash walking and controlling my excitement around other dogs. I even got to walk off-leash! I’ve been doing great with checking in and staying close.

I hope you all had a great February!
~ Tio πŸ™‚

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel