Hi friends!

This month was not super eventful, but I still learned a lot and had some fun outings. My raiser and I have been going to cafes all the time for her to study and I have to lay under her chair and be a good boy for hours. I have gotten very good at it! I take naps, chew my toy, or just watch the people around me, pretty much all without help or encouragement!

On Canada Day, I had a little photoshoot and saw a lot of fireworks. We stayed home for the first firework show and I was totally unfazed. So, later, we went outside to see some more up close. I got rewarded with lots of food and I didn’t really care about the fireworks!

Last week, I went to a restaurant and settled so well, even though there wasn’t much space for me under the table. I snoozed through the whole 2-hour brunch. I also got to practice “Go say hi”! I still get a little over-excited and want to give everyone kisses, but I’m getting a lot better at staying calm and focused.

I’ve been going to the dog park a bunch to practice staying calm around other dogs. I lay on my blanket by the entrance and get kibbles for being relaxed and focused. I get lots and lots of kibbles when a dog walks by. Dog distractions are a challenge for me, but I’ve been working hard and getting better over the month.

Apparently, we have lots of fun things coming in August, including multiple flights, so come back next month to see my pupdate!

– Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel