Hi friends!

June has been a great month full of lots of training, new people, and new places. I’m still on vacation with my raiser and have been loving the change of scenery. Especially the big backyard and dog buddies!

I’ve been doing a ton of practice on settling in public and I’m happy to report that I’m a pro. Apparently, mom is studying for some big exam so I have to settle in coffee shops and libraries for hours at a time. It’s a bit boring for me but I’m great at it now! I have also gotten lots of experience riding in different areas of cars. There have been lots of public outings to stores and restaurants, and I have put on my best boy behaviour every time.

Throughout the month, I’ve been practicing all my skills and learning some new ones. “Go in” has become a favourite and I now offer to go under a table or chair without a cue or any encouragement!

In the hot weather, I have been looooving the little kiddie pool that mom fills up for me in the backyard. There’s also a giant pool, but I’m quite hesitant about going swimming in that one. I like to hang out on the first step, but I’m not sure if I want to venture further than that, where I can’t touch the ground.

I hope July brings more adventures and summer activities!

– Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel