Hi friends!

March was a pretty uneventful month for me. I’ve been going to university almost every day with my raiser, and I’m getting so good at settling in class. So good that I sometimes even fall asleep! I also went to some puppy classes and learned some new cues like “roll” and “heel.” I got to ride in a car (a rare occasion for me) a few times, which was very fun and I fell fast asleep. I also took the sky train, which was quite loud and busy, but I managed to relax with the help of lots of kibbles.

I had fun at my 10-month-old walk & talk, where I had to walk inside a mall, and outside on strange surfaces, besides play structures, geese, weird-looking objects, and food. I got to go on some trail walks as well this month, and I had a blast sniffing and running around.

I’m so excited about the sunny weather because it means more outdoor time!! See you next month for another pupdate!

– Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel