Hello friends!

I’ve had a busy and exciting month! For the first couple of weeks, I hung out with sitters which was very fun. Then, my raiser came back from her trip and I went home. I got very excited when I realized where I was and had some wild zoomies! My raiser didn’t have university classes so we had a fun week together in Vancouver. I went on trail walks, walked around campus, did some training, and chilled at home. She also took me on a trip to Whistler for one night. I was so good and calm in the footwell of the car and had lots of fun on all the little hikes we did.

May 26th was my first birthday!!! I’m a whole year old! Mom decorated our apartment and put a “birthday boy” ribbon on my collar and a birthday hat on my head. I wasn’t a huge fan of the hat, but apparently, the pictures are adorable. Mom’s friends came to visit me and I got so many new toys and treats, which is good because I had destroyed pretty much all my toys!

I also flew on a plane this month! I was so well-behaved and sweet the whole time. I was great in the airport and even managed to resist barking at my favourite thing in the world, other dogs! In the plane, I settled great, didn’t make a sound, and slept for most of the flight. Mom was especially proud of me when I barely even lifted my head when we landed. I could not have cared less even with the loud noises and getting jostled around.

I now get to spend the summer with my dog besties (my raiser’s family’s dogs). I’m so happy to have friends to play with every day! I also get to cool off in a little pink pool which I absolutely love!

I can’t wait to see what June brings! See you next month for another pupdate!

– Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel