It’s been an exciting month for me! I have had many new and fun experiences and have learned a lot along the way. I started off the month by meeting my new raiser and getting used to a new home. It was lots of fun to play with all my new toys, and I settled in very well.

My favourite activity has definitely been going to the beach! I got to go twice this month, and I really enjoyed it. I love walking on the sand, and I usually get the zoomies because I get so excited! After getting some energy out, I was a very good boy and did some training at the beach, among the many nice smells and distractions.

My raiser brought me to some of her classes as well. I don’t think human university is very interesting, but I’m happy to lie down for an hour if it means I get treats! Speaking of class, this month, I got to go to in-person puppy classes, where I saw other dogs in their yellow capes, just like me! I practiced staying focused on my raiser, even with other dogs in the room. I love training, as I am very food motivated, and I am always happy to put on my yellow cape to go out!

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel