Hi friends!

I’ve had a busy month! At the start of September, I got to go to Imagine Day at UBC to promote the campus canines club. I hung out at the booth all day and was so good even with many other PADS dogs all around me. I got so much love from all the students and had a great time. Then, university classes started and I went to lectures with mom. I have gotten super good at settling in lectures. I do my “go in” under her chair then just sleep the whole time! I have even had a few super long 8-hour days and mom says I handle them better than she does!

I’ve been to two in-person puppy classes this month and had a great time. I also went to club meetings and got to meet some new members. I have become best friends with the other campus pups PADS Wrigley and PADS Taj. We went to the beach together, we played off-leash, we walked to puppy class together, and we even all piled into one car!

At the end of the month, I showed off everything I’ve learned so far at my walk & talk and found out I’m heading to advanced training!! Woo hoo! I got a celebratory stuffed Kong when we got home and mom gave me so many cuddles.

I ended off the month by taking a long nap at the vet and now I have to wear a very inconvenient and annoying cone. Mom says I can’t go play with my friends or go with her to classes for a little while. I hope the cone comes off soon!

– Tio

Submitted by: Sophie Pantel