Spring is here!

As my raiser is going through her photos she’s beginning to realize that April was a Guiding month with lots of Sparks and Guides activities which I really enjoyed. We started off the month at a Guide STEM event which I loved, all of the guides wanted to say hi but were good about asking first. I had a really good nap at lunchtime! Then we went out with the Sparks to see the cherry blossoms and one of the Sparks helped my raiser with working on me not being distracted when pet!

I had a great weekend with puppy sitter Karen and her family including their dog Dexter who is slowly warming up to me (my raiser was on Guide camp, LOL)!

We have been working hard on my recall, it’s great when there are no other dogs, but I just get really distracted and want to say hi…puppy steps as my raiser says. Though this means that we have some fun hybrid walks where I’m off leash, but then I will be on the long line if too distracted. πŸ™‚ As well as some long line sniffy walks on Grand Boulevard, to as Nicole the trainer would say, “empty my bucket”.

PADS Parker came over a couple of times for rooftop plays which were lots of fun. At the end of the month, we went to see a Warriors game together. I also met up with PADS Electra for a couple of mall walks which I enjoy, especially as there are lots of kibbles for good behaviour! On one of these trips, we met a real-life working AFD!

I’m a Shark so my raiser decided that she should get me a shark outfit… not sure about it yet!

Submitted by: Sarah