August started out with lots of fun getting ready for PRIDE!

I had spent the last week of July and the first couple of days with the sitter Corina who took me out to meet lots of new friends including a beach day with PADS Wrigley who is only 6 months and liked to try and lick me, my raiser says is payback for all of the licks I try to give!

The Pride parade was lots of fun, I got to meet my brothers, Triton, Thresher and Reef, and my half-brother Toad, I wore some pink booties and a tutu! It was a really fun day in the sunshine and I had a really good sleep when we got back home.

My raiser and I have been working hard on my skills and cues, I’m not sure I just like the kibbles when we play; sit, stand, down. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can do a really nice loose leash though I still get a little distracted by other dog friends, I am getting better at not needing to go and say hi. I also tried to teach my sitter Kevin the fun game of tug by bringing over my toy and waving it at him until he grabbed hold and TUG!

My little goofy, wiggly, playful side has reappeared after my post-heat time and I found a new love of digging through my toy tub to find something to drop on my raiser whether it’s a benebone for her to hold or a piece of fluff as I get kibble for finding those!

We finished off the month with a trip to the cinema where I promptly fell asleep before Barbie had even started and to the Bloedel Conservatory where I met a Parrot and lots of flowers to try and sniff (though I wasn’t allowed). ๐Ÿ™

See you next month when Sparks and Guides come back for the year, I hope they like me!

Submitted by: Sarah