December was sooooooo much Fun!!!

First, I got to go and see my first Canucks game. I really liked it when they scored as my raiser gave me lots of kibbles so I could celebrate with the cheering and the siren! It was a very long night, but I strutted my stuff around the area, and my raiser got to show me off to some of her old co-workers.

I got to meet up with lots of new friends in December, starting with my doggy friend Sandy who is a very prim and proper cocker spaniel. We had some good chase games going on in a quiet dog park and then settled while my raiser and her friends had some lunch.

I was the official greeter at the office Christmas Lunch, working really hard on my duration for photos and just waiting. My raiser found out I really like the ice cubes from the machine in the cafe. They give a good crunch, not unlike other ice cubes, which are really hard.

Spending a weekend with a sitter, she took me to see some Jazz music choir. I wasn’t too sure, to begin with, but I quickly settled down. My raiser says I like pop music, but I’m not sure what that is, just that it’s fun to dance when it’s on.

Then it SNOWED, and I got to meet up and run with Parker (from the Avengers litter). I wasn’t too sure about the snow as, at times, it was a little too cold on my paws but I didn’t like the boots my raiser kept trying to put on, she laughed as it made me walk funny. I also missed my co-workers as we (“we” LOL… my raiser) worked from home. I was not impressed with being put into puppy jail while she was in meetings.

Christmas came, and I got a couple of new toys, which was fun and went round to friends for Christmas lunch. We had a little bit of a break from puppy class over the holidays, but I’ve been learning ‘leave it’ very hard this month and think I nailed it with the new years photo attached.

Happy New Year, and here’s to 2023!


Submitted by: Sarah