This month was so much FUN!

I got to spend 2 weeks with a different raiser, in a different house, with a senior dog ‘friend’. It was a little hard at first learning to take turns (I’m an only puppy at my normal raisers), and the puppy swap raiser spent some time working on different things, and I came home with some new skills, mainly perching which we hadn’t covered in class yet and kenneling with another dog in the house.

My raiser had a puppy called Captain who is Parker’s (my best trail running friend) brother and my half-brother (same dad) he’s a big dude and really likes to cuddle!

When I came home my raiser put me straight to work, heading out to some singing apparently, it’s called a campfire (no fire though) for a special Girl Guides day called thinking day. We tried taking some photos but it was too cold to stay still as it had started to snow.

When I got back to the office to see my coworkers, we had moved, and I got a bit confused turning left instead of right in the morning, but I’m loving the window and making the new space mine by spreading out and settling!

Hopefully will have more to report next month!


Submitted by: Sarah