Happy New Year!!!

My Raiser keeps asking where did January go, I’m not too sure what that means, but I had a good month, even if it went by really quickly, though I did turn 6 months old!

After what seemed like forever of working from home (Raiser note – it was 8 days, not forever), I finally got to go back into the office and see all of my coworkers, and I saw my tiny human friends at Guides and Sparks after the holiday break.

I have been perfecting ways to get kibble this month. If my raiser ignores me in the office, I will go and stand in my kennel and stare at her, as I know she will pay me for going into the kennel. I’m also working on my recall at lunchtime.

I spent an evening at the planetarium, where I did super well, and I’m still working on tucking under tiny chairs…I like to side sleep. I had a great meet-up with Electra and retired Folie for a run in the forest as I love this, and I’m still working on the super quick recall, and my raiser says that I’m getting better at it!

At the end of the month, I learnt how to jump into the boot (my raiser is English, trunk??) of the car. I’m really proud of myself as it’s a bit little and really high, but we were working on dog distraction in class, and it’s good to be sat up high and just watch and look at my raiser for kibbles.

I also found this amazing paw rest while I’m sleeping, but it’s only for when I have floor snuggles with my raiser, but it is super comfortable.

See you next month.

Submitted by: Sarah