This month I turned 1 year old!

It’s strange to think of all of the amazing experiences I’ve had in such a short time, I even got to go to and see a football match with PADS Parker this month.

We started off the month with a party to celebrate all of the hard work we had done during the MOVE fundraising, it was so much fun with other PADS dogs and people, my raiser went for a swim and I was a little concerned, to begin with but then realized she was ok.

I got a birthday box sent all the way from England with some cool new bits in it from my raiser’s mum, she sent us matching jumpers and a new folding blanket.

It’s been really hot this month, so my raiser has been coming up with creative ways to stay cool.  We’ve had brunch, (I do like a good foot pillow), gone to the cinema again, had a paddle in the ocean, and some swimming in the creeks.  For my birthday we met up with PADS Electra, Folie and PADS Parker for a run in the woods and the humans trying to get us to swim, though it then meant I had to have a bath which I wasn’t too pleased with.

I also got to see some fireworks, my raiser loves fireworks but knew it would be too busy to go and see them downtown so she found a nice space near the ocean which was quieter to watch them, I wasn’t sure what was going on but had a good explore of the rocks and a relaxing lay down.

I’ve been working hard on ALL of my cues, I have a beautiful side and back end movement apparently. All I know is we play these games in the elevator and I get kibbles, just working on something called goooooooooooooood where I need to stay in my cue and not get excited and jump up when the hand reaches for the kibble bag!

At the end of the month, I got to go and stay with Emme and Kevin for the night and then I went down to Corina (sitters) who has a pet dog and apparently I was really good, settling nicely with her dog and just relaxing while she studied!

Got to run, have a great rest of your summer!

Submitted: Sarah