This month started out very wet and still a bit cold, and I had a very exciting visit to the outdoor expo, and got to go on the Seabus before going to have a sleepover with one of my favourite people, puppy sitter Becke!

I’ve been working super hard on my dog distraction, having a day out to Ambleside beach to dog watch, which I enjoyed but still wanted to go and play, even with the lot of treats my raiser was giving me. Working on my “go-in”, though my raiser isn’t very good at picking the best table as I like to stretch out, and she normally picks a small table!

My raiser and I also went to the dental conference to lay at the PADS stand, well I laid, and she fed me kibbles. I got to see my brother, PADS Thresher!

I got to help some students at Labs 4 Labs at Douglas College, it was a ‘good’ day, my raiser felt like she was a parent dropping their kid off at school!

I had lots of fun times with PADS Parker, including visiting the motorized wheelchair football group.

Submitted by: Sarah