I’ve spent this month growing!!! My raiser was not impressed that she had to buy me a new bed at the end of the month as I grew out of the small one pretty quickly!

I’ve shown my raiser that I can be super smart at times, quickly learning new skills but other times… not so much when I tried to bite my leash around a pole and got frustrated when I couldn’t move.

I’ve also found all of the places to sleep, including the car, under my raiser’s work desk, under a tiny table (when I was meant to be in puppy boot camp) and everywhere except for my beds.

I also had a really fun day meeting my raiser Guiding leaders friends at a training day… it was a long day, and I was super tired and went to a sitter for the night.

At the end of the month, my raiser had a friend come from Calgary. I was really good in my kennel while she went to the airport and back! We got to go to some great places and even over a suspension bridge, had the longest trip in the car and got to show off my skills to lots of new people.

Finally, we had a party with all of the other puppies in my class. My raiser had got her guides to make my costume (I was a vampire bat). I really wanted to say hi to everyone, but we are working on being calm around other dogs. I just get super excited!

See you next month!

Submitted by: Sarah