This month has been full of new and fun things, leaving my brothers, sisters, mum and caretaker, and starting life as an only fur baby.

My new puppy raiser (new mum) takes me on lots of fun adventures; mostly to see her co workers in the office, who all love me already, and get really excited when I walk through the door. I’m already making a difference even as a 10 week old puppy by making people smile as I pass by or saying hello and giving puppy love. I’ve also become an honorary Sparks and Guide leader! Busy puppy week so enjoy having a relaxing weekend maybe popping to a restaurant with mums friends or the supermarket.

I LOVE my sleep and like falling asleep in lots of different places, making mum laugh, with my dreaming, positions, and choice of sleeping locations (the floor/carpet) over beds or blankets, I will also use mums foot as a pillow, she thinks it’s because I want her to not move for a while.

I’ve found that I prefer taking the bus over being in a car, except when mum wakes me up to get off the bus or when the bus driver is too far away from the curb and I need a lift up.

I’m learning lots, getting the hang of the basics walking nicely and the sad fact that not everyone wants to say hello.

Submitted by: Sarah