This month started with a bang with a fantastic trip to the PNE, for both a BBQ lunch with my raisers co-workers and then my first concert. I did super well at Super Dogs, I didn’t even notice all the dogs as I was fast asleep right up until the end! Then gave my raiser strange looks as she tried to do that thing called dancing… There were so many delicious things on the ground, my raiser worked my default leave it hard, which I am proud to say I did really well.

This month it was back to seeing my tiny humans at Sparks and Guides, though it did mean that it was bath time the day before which I wasn’t too impressed with but the Bosleys bath treats helped.

I’ve met up with lots of PADS friends this month for some training and fun running on the trails, I still get very excited but my distraction with dogs I don’t know has gotten a lot better and now I can walk past about a meter away without wanting to say “hi”.

My raiser and I took a very long car ride to somewhere called Target and Trader Joe’s, it was very busy but I did fantastically and got to pick out a new bed and chew for the way home, the following week we had another long car ride to see Nicole my trainer who I LOVE so much but I need to work on not being as excited when she’s around.

I’m still working on all of the skills, including being confident around the furniture moving board and even sitting on it, it moves really easily and fast if I jump off it too quickly!

Have a fantastic and spooky month to come.

Pawsitively yours,


Submitted by: Sarah